Unfiltered Thoughts: Big Decisions

Happy Friday!

Firstly, I should apologise for the lack of post Monday…totally my bad. With Monday being a bank holiday, and therefore a day off, I got confused, thought it was Sunday and by the time I realised it was a bit too late..oops!

But anyway. This week has been a very very stressful week. I spoke last week about feeling torn between two decisions that were really important to me. Well, as it turns out, i was so confused and stressed because neither of those two things were what I really wanted to do. You know as a kid when you have this crazy dream of having a certain type of job and then you get swept up in the real world and realise you either don’t want it anymore or you give up on it. I had that. I had given up on my dream job, even though to this day it is the one thing I want more than anything. So I was left choosing between these things that I do enjoy, and would like to do, whilst ignoring the voice in my head telling me there is something else I’d rather be doing.

You can see where this is going, I’m sure. I’m not going to ignore that voice anymore. Sure, I’m going to proceed with my ‘safe’ option, but I’m ready to put myself out there and at least try going after what I want. I’m scared, and nervous as hell, but I think that’s how I know it is the right decision for me. I already feel 10x less stressed just making the decision, it’s like a feeling of calm has washed over me, and I for sure am not used to calm!

It’s crazy how one day you can just snap and see what’s been so obvious for so long! It happened right before a conversation with a friend, and in the course of the conversation she was talking about her plans, and the decisions she was making and they were all 100% for her. She doesn’t realise it now, but she basically solidified my whole thought process and made me more determined.

So, to anyone out there who is struggling, or ignoring the voice in their head telling them to go after something. Start listening to yourself! Yes, it is terrifying, but if it scares you, it’s probably because you want it so much. They do say that adventure begins outside of your comfort zone….I think.

I’ll keep you updated on the journey, but hey if I write it online I have to follow through…right?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, tell me about your dream job!

Much Love x

Unfiltered Thoughts: A New Look!

Happy Friday!

Today’s post is coming at you from a slightly different looking blog. This week the blog underwent a name change, and I’m so much happier with it now!

Welcome to: A Millennial Writes!

I feel like the name conveys what the blog is without being so long winded and tbh I’m just happier about it. I always knew I wanted to change the name but I was struggling for so long to find something I actually like. But finally, it happened! I figured it’s so much easier to just give it a name which conveys what is in a simple way. Of course, it also meant I had to neaten up the twitter account for the blog too, so a new profile pic later, everything is looking so much better. I feel like I’m slowly getting towards the slick feel of some of the bigger blogs that I love, whist still having a little bit of me on there!

Anyway, all this has happened since me in real life has decided to give myself a bit of a new look too. One large shopping order filled, and a fresh new hair colour and I’m feeling confident and good about myself. I splashed out on some rosehip oil for my recently troubled skin (more on this later) and it has honestly been a god send. Feeling confident and good about myself doesn’t come naturally to me, but I have recently found a little bit of time to love myself every single day. I have a solid skin care routine, I do my hair on a (nearly) daily basis and most of all, I feel confident doing it.

I have said the word confident wayyy to many times, sorry! But I just feel super happy right now. I think I have finally started to let go of something that had been a negative part of my life for a very long time. I might talk about it at some point, however its super personal and hard to do so, so I maybe won’t. Either way, I’m trying so hard to focus on the right now and the future, and it’s working! Some really exciting things are happening and I feel so ready to take them on.

Hope you have all had a positive week, and if you haven’t, I hope next week is better.

I also hope you like the new look as much as I do!

See you next week x

Tips on how to get Motivated


You all got through another work week, congrats! But it’s all going to start again on a Monday so it’s only fitting we have a chat about motivation.

Sometimes it’s really hard to drag yourself to a task, especially if it is one that you really don’t want to do. Other times it can be really easy, and the excitement of completing the job outweighs the effort you have to put in to it.

I spoke last week about lacking motivation and finding it difficult to get going again. It’s something we all struggle with at times! But I have managed to find my way out of the funk, and start ticking off the jobs on my to-do list. Let’s face it, if you are doing something, no matter how small or menial, you might as well do it to the best of your ability, otherwise what’s the point. I have never been one for doing anything half-arsed and it s reflected often in the reward. However, being this way occasionally means I would rather not do something than know I couldn’t give it my all, and that means I struggle to even start. Over the years I have found a few things I can do to really get myself moving on the work front.

  1. Visualise the result.

I can’t start a task without knowing how it is going to turn out. If there are a few steps, i.e I need to do one thing in order to be able to move further in a project, I find it easier if I picture the finished thing. This can be the same for any goal. Where is it you want to be in the end? It makes the journey a lot easier.

2. Factor in time to procrastinate.

Bear with me on this. I know it sounds silly, but I also know that I procrastinate ALOT. Instead of trying to stop myself, I simply factor it in to the amount of time it will take me to do something. That way, when the deadline creeps closer, I have gotten all of my procrastinating out of the way and I know I need to work.

(Plus its real helpful if like me you justify procrastinating by doing helpful things like cleaning the kitchen/bathroom. In a way, you’re doing two useful things at once!)

3. Give yourself a cut-off time

It can be easy to get really into whatever it is you’re doing and work through lunch/dinner even though it is so important to give yourself a break. If I know I am shutting my laptop at say 9pm I know that up until that point I need to have been productive. That way, when I do stop I can have an hour or two of relaxing in the evening and winding down time.

4. Set yourself up before-hand.

No getting up for snacks or just popping to the shop to get that thing you desperately need for the next day. Have a cup of tea, some snacks and all of the papers/work you need all organised (I find it’s helpful to have things chronological or colour coded) before you start. Make sure your laptop is fully charged or you have the charger handy. That way you can get some good work done without having to get up and distract yourself.

(Although it’s important not to sit too long so do find time to stretch your legs otherwise cramp WILL set in).

5. Give yourself a deadline

Most work comes with a deadline attached but you may need to work around it. If you have two things with the same deadline, make sure you are prioritising and have a clear plan of when you need to get something done. There is no need to try and motivate yourself when something has to be done by a certain date…because it just has to be finished.


However you find your motivation, find a way that works for you and stick to it. If you’re more of an abstract mind maybe draw a calendar and stick things on. That way they are move-able, but still visible. If you prefer to have a clear plan (like me) make sure you actually stick to that plan!

I hope you will have found this helpful, let me know what you do to stay motivated!

Much Love x

Unfiltered Thoughts: Tired!

Oh my goodness!

This week I have been so tired! For quite literally. no reason at all! I mean sure, I been marginally busy but not so busy I haven’t had time to sleep. Although this week did see me still awake at about 5am, ready to knock myself out just to I could sleep! I have been a bit lazy to be honest. You know when if someone asked you what you had been up to, you wouldn’t really be quite sure yourself. That.

I have however, been re-thinking a fairly big life thing that I thought I was set on. It’s quite fitting seeing as A level results have just come out. (Congrats to everyone for getting through them!) Although that trauma was three years ago for me now, I’m still n a bit of a conundrum over uni’s.

I am 100% set on doing further study, and nearing the deadline for applying, however I have potentially had a last minute change of heart on where I want to go. Picking uni three years ago was so easy, I was so sure of my decision and it has turned out to be the best experience!

But I thought I knew where I was going next. And apparently I don’t. It’s not a major change, I still want to do the same course, I’m just not sure of the uni. Since this one directly affects my career I feel like there is more riding on picking the right one this time around.

In short, I know I will make the best of wherever I am, and I will most likely enjoy either place, I just don’t know whether I should listen to my gut and take a risk, or stick with what I was sure of only a week ago. UGH.

At the moment, I’m very confused, and pretty sleepy, but I have fab hair right now so everything’s good!

I shall see you Monday when hopefully I am making more sense!


Learning a Language

Happy Monday!

Today I’m discussing language learning.

I have always wanted to learn another language, in fact, I have always wanted to be able to speak a few languages. I think it stems from being at school and being fascinated by the language I was learning at the time: Spanish. In my school, we were separated depending on which class you were in, half of the year group doing French, the other half; Spanish.

Now, I was always pretty good at it. I seemed to have a knack for picking up the words and phrases quite quickly. I could read and write the sentences with only a little practice, but I absolutely hated speaking in front of the class. Being so shy meant it was hard to get a full grasp on speaking the language, especially since I wouldn’t do it (thankfully I have grown out of the shyness by now!). That, combined with my class’ hatred for Spanish, admittedly the teacher did fail to even capture my keen attention for more than about 20 mins, only added to the challenge of language learning, and eventually I dropped the class as soon as GCSEs rolled around.

Fast forward a few years and me drifting in and out of online language learning tools and I found the app: Duolingo. This is a free language learning app that now has a whole host of languages to learn, I believe they are even introducing Klingon in the future?! From the age of about 15(ish) I have been doing the app in and off and can quite easily say very basic sentences. Not enough to actually be able to converse with anyone, but enough to get by in a Spanish speaking country (with a lot of miming!).

Recently however, I went on holiday to Mallorca and fell in love all over again with Spain and everything Spanish. I have been to Spain itself as well as some Spanish Islands over the years and I always love it. I find the architecture fascinating and the weather stunning as well as beautiful scenery! I would love to live in Spain one day and for that: I need to speak the language! Not only that but in the career I want to go in to it would be a huge advantage to be able to speak another language: or few!

So with that, I am back on the language learning train. I have restarted the Duolingo tree and well as watched numerous tutorials online and have been taking lessons online as well. I have a lot of determination to be fluent in the language I love listening to, so have been listening to Spanish radio, Los40, and listening to the band ‘Morat’ which I apparently quite like! Along with that, I’ve found the app ‘Tandem’ quite good, where you can speak with people who are natives in a number of languages and are learning your native language. I like that since they are not only helping me, but I am helping others too.

I feel like, thats a pretty good start, working up to having skype calls with natives too! But if there is anything you think I should be doing please do leave a comment or tweet me!

I’m also interested in in what languages you all speak?! I think it’s a huge skill, so anyone who can speak more than just their native language, give yourself a giant pat on the back! Especially since it takes years and a lot of dedication to learn!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress, hey maybe one day you’ll get a post written entirely in Spanish!

Mucho Amor! x

Unfiltered Thoughts: Sorry!

Good afternoon all.

I  know, I have been useless at blogging recently! she says only having started the blog a few weeks ago. Truth is, I had the time, but I got a bit lazy!

You see, I went on the holiday of dreams! And I absolutely loved it! I got a tan, I hung out by the beach (I accidentally went swimming with a jellyfish) and had an all round relaxing time of it.

However, since getting back a week ago, it has been the biggest struggle getting started again and going back to work. I am weirdly busy for someone who is actually unemployed (although I am a full time university student too!). However I definitely could have fitted in blogging instead of catching up on TV/ YouTube videos, oops!

Having said that, I have been beavering away writing bits for my dissertation and redecorating my room, so I haven’t been completely lazy!

I know, it all sounds like one giant excuse. It is.

I promise to get back into blogging again, and actually get back into doing some work! I’ve been out and bought a fresh new notebook and planner, honestly who doesn’t love a good old organisational haul?! Both of which will hopefully mean I can get myself a bit more organised, and a bit more motivated. So from now on, I promise to be better!

On a different note, I absolutely loved my holiday! I went with my family to Mallorca for a week and it was so peaceful and relaxing. We had bright sunshine, spending most of our time sprawled out on a beach and swimming in the sea. I absolutely love the sea, and find sea creatures fascinating so it was a delight to be able to see fish swimming around at the bottom. Plus the food was amazing and I have come back probably about 5lbs heavier (but y’know, who wants to limit themselves on holiday!). Even so, you’ll probably see me attempting to get back into fitness now I’m back.

I won’t say too much as Monday’s post will be a little bit more about the holiday and some of my thoughts about it all so do keep an eye out for that.

I will leave you by saying, even as I write this I can feel the motivation returning and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

See you soon x

Unfiltered Thoughts: Responsibility

Happy Friday,

As you’re reading this I am probably sunning myself on a beach, or prowling around the buffet cramming as much food onto my plate as possible. As I’m writing this however, I am sat at my messy desk, the sun poking through the clouds every now and again, making it hard to see my laptop screen. I know, I should never complain about the sun making an appearance!

The last Unfiltered Thoughts got me thinking about responsibility. It’s something you either thrive off of, or absolutely dread. I am part of the former category. I have always loved being in charge of something and feeling like I have a role to carry out. I work best under pressure and I feel like it’s all linked. If you’re responsible for something, then it means that someone else is relying you to do something on time, or successfully. That feeling on knowing I’m being counted on makes anything I complete even more satisfying.

It does make it a challenge then, to do things for myself, just because. Prioritising things like self-care, sometimes goes out the window when there is another task that needs to be done. It’s so important to look after yourself, I think we all know that, yet when I have a list of things to do, I will put myself at the bottom.

Is it possible to be too responsible?

I will often be the one that is prepared for absolutely any event, probably going as far as having checked the weather to know whether I should cover the outside furniture or not. Sometimes, this means that other people in a group, will count on your being prepared and not bother themselves.

I do find myself getting frustrated at this. Suddenly, being prepared and responsible for yourself, turns into having to look after the group you are with. I am not someone who thrives off of caring for others, I simply like to be responsible for tasks, rather than people. Personally I feel like the two are often confused. My being independent, and enjoying being responsible for myself, does not equate to me enjoying having to take care of other people. I know that that sounds selfish, maybe it is, but personally I feel like if I’m expected to take charge and organise people, I won’t want to do it. It’s the famous old ‘wait for me to offer’ argument, rather than assuming.

What are your thoughts on responsibility?

Do you thrive, or avoid?

Much Love x